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Periodic hose testing supports a safe working environment, protecting the integrity of your hose and providing you with a longer hose life.


Hydrostatic testing involves filling a hose assembly with water, taking it to 1.5 times the maximum working pressure (unless otherwise specified) and holding it for a set period of time. While under pressure, the hose is examined and checked to ensure the pressure is held and the integrity of the hose is preserved.


At Industratech Inc., our qualified Hose Assembly Technicians are fully certified with industrial safety training along with coupling and testing certifications as set out by NAHAD and the Rubber Manufacturing Association.


There are many different ways the outside of a hose can become damaged, compromising its integrity. Some of these defects can be easy to find, whereas others may be more challenging. At Industratech Inc., our technicians have experience in recognizing these defects and knowning what condition is acceptable according to the specific type of hose.

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Hydrostatic Hose Testing


Repairing hose whenever possible is a cost effective solution to replacing the entire hose assembly and it has a positive impact on our environment.


In most cases, when a hose becomes damaged and fails a Hydrostatic test, it is discarded and sent to a landfill as solid waste. This unnecessary waste has adverse effects on our environment and is contributing to the millions of tonnes of waste coming from industry each year in Canada.


Industratech Inc. is committed to protecting our environment by repairing hoses whenever possible, in order to reduce our reliance on landfills and save our customers money.


When a hose fails the Hydrostatic Testing process, it is then assessed, repaired and retested to pass. These hoses are then weighed and documented as part of our waste diversion program. We then pass this information on to you, so your company can see the positive environmental impact of our program partnership.

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